The Advantages of Installing Faux Wood Shutters

Our last couple of blogs have been all about faux wood shutters, and for good reason. Faux wood shutters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Why? Because they offer incredible benefits and are a great way to boost the appearance of your home’s exterior and it’s overall curb appeal. 

At Volterra Architectural Products, we have a wide selection of faux wood beams that can be painted or stained to match the architecture and style of your home. Rather than paying an arm and a leg to outfit your home exterior with real wood shutters, consider the benefits of installing faux wood shutters.

They are easy to install 

While real wood shutters look great, they can be extremely heavy, which makes them challenging to install. Because faux wood shutters are made with a high-density, lightweight polyurethane foam material, you can lift and mount them with ease. This means that almost any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer can easily install faux wood shutters, regardless of their size or the height at which they need to be mounted.

They look like real wood

If you’re set on the look of natural wood shutters, but not set on the cost and hassle of installation and maintenance, faux wood shutters are the perfect solution for your wants and needs. The best faux wood shutters are manufactured to replicate the original external appearance of wood, right down to the graining, knotting, and even the wormholes. Unless up close or touch these shutters, it’s challenging for anyone to realize they are not real wood.

They are available in a variety of styles

One of the many great things about faux wood shutters is that they can be manufactured in many of the popular styles discussed above. If your heart is set on a specific shutter style, chances are you can find that same style with faux wood shutters.

They are incredibly durable 

Real wood shutters typically receive treatment to protect them from the elements they’ll be exposed to during a typical lifetime of use, but that doesn’t mean that they will hold up over time. Faux wood shutters aren’t just stronger than real wood shutters — they’re also more durable due to their composite materials.

They are resistant to warping, fading and cracking

Real wood is vulnerable to cracking, fading and warping— thanks to the elements they are exposed to, they typically will show signs of wear and tear after just a few years post-installation. Faux wood shutters, on the other hand, are naturally more resistant to fading due to the material they are manufactured with. You can expect both the beauty and lifespan of faux wood shutters to be prolonged.

They are cost-effective 

Installing real wood shutters to the exterior home will not come cheap. The cost of natural wood products seems to get higher and higher. When compared to their authentic counterpart, faux wood shutters are significantly more cost-effective. And, because they are easy to install and require little maintenance, you can save tons of money over time.


With these benefits, it’s clear that faux wood shutters are one of the best options for the exterior of your home. If you are interested in getting faux wood shutters for your home, get started by checking out our collection of faux wood shutters.



The Different Styles of Faux Wood Shutters

Adding exterior shutters to your home is an easy way to add both architectural interest and dimension to your home. In our last blog post, we shared some helpful tips for choosing exterior shutters for your home. If you are considering getting shutters for your home, we encourage you to check it out. But as a quick review, determining the proper size, considering the appearance of your home, and choosing the right style and material are essential to finding the best exterior shutters.  

Personally, when it comes to material, we think faux wood shutters are the way to go. Not only do they replicate the appearance of real wood, but they are also incredibly durable, easy to install, and are much more affordable than real wood shutters. The different stains and textures of these faux shutters fit with just about any architectural style and color scheme, but it’s choosing the right style that is the icing on the cake when it comes to shutter installation and enhancing your home’s appearance and curb appeal 

What Exterior Shutter Style is Right for You?

In our recent post, we briefly touched on the common shutter styles available: raised panel, louvered, groove plank, and gap plank. If you’re struggling with deciding which option is best for you, we’re here to help! Below, we’ll dive into these different shutter styles and how they can boost your home’s exterior appearance.

Raised Panel Shutters

A beloved design that adds traditional charm, paneled shutters are found on homes nationwide. Because they have a low profile, raised panel shutters well with almost any style home, from suburban single-family ranch to country-cottage style homes.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters have angled, overlapping slats set into the frame to create a well-known and defined look that suits any exterior. However, this shutter style is especially popular among homeowners that have colonial, Victorian, and other traditional-style homes. 

Groove Plank Shutters

Grove plank shutters offer a more unique look compared to raised panel and louvered shutters. These shutters are an easy way to add an Old World or rustic charm to your home’s exterior, thanks to their simple construction. They are two-to-four boards that are typically held together with two cross panels that go horizontally across the shutter.

Gap Plank Shutters

Gap plank shutters are very similar to groove plank shutters — their simplicity makes them a great option for farmhouse style homes or homes with brick or stone siding. The biggest difference between the two is that gap plank shutters have a slight gap in between the boards, which can help with adding dimension to your interior. These too come in two-to-four board options and still have two horizontal cross panels.

While it may not seem like it, shopping for exterior window shutters can be a tedious and time-consuming task. At Volterra Architectural Products, our selection of faux wood shutters makes the shutter buying process easy, painless, and as quick as possible. Not only are these a more durable, cost-effective alternative to real wood shutters, but the different available styles also make it easy to find the perfect option for your home. To shop our collection of faux wood shutters, click here.


Tips for Choosing Exterior Home Shutters


As a homeowner, you’re always looking for new ways to spice up the curb appeal of your home. From brushing on a fresh coat of paint on its exterior or adding new planting beds along the driveway or in front of the house, there are plenty of different ways to make a great impression when people pass by. One simple and often overlooked way, though, is adding shutters. Putting up some shutters can give the front of your home some dimension and significantly contribute to its curb appeal. 

However, finding the right shutters for your home is easier said than done — especially when you consider both the vast range of shutter styles, materials, and colors as well as the different sizes and styles of windows in your home. Add the right shutters and you can easily make the front of your home look more welcoming. To help you find the best shutters for your home, we put together a few helpful tips.

Tip #1: Determine Proper Size

The shutters you choose need to be a good fit for the space you’re trying to add them too. To determine the proper size, first measure the respective window that you want to add shutters too. Ideally, the shutters you purchase should cover the entire space. If they are too large, they may stick out past the edge and look awkward. Oppositely, they won’t look right if they are too small, so make sure you measure before purchasing.

Tip #2: Consider Your Home’s Color Scheme 

Color is definitely something that you’ll want to consider. The right color will complement and enhance the design of your home. Typically, homeowners choose shutters that have a similar color and shade as the siding of their home. Some people prefer to mix and match colors to suit their style and personality.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Style

Can you name some of the different styles of shutters? Don’t worry, most people aren’t really aware of the different shutter types and styles until they really start shopping for them. When determining which style is best, it is important to consider which style best suits the appearance of your home. Common shutter styles include raised panel, louvered, groove plank, and gap plank.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Material

Shutters come in a variety of materials. Many homeowners choose vinyl shutters because of its durability and versatility. However, many homeowners love the look that authentic wood shutters offer. Wood shutters are a great addition to your home’s exterior, providing a timeless and natural appearance. Unfortunately, similar to natural wood floors and wood ceiling beams, wood shutters require a fine level of care and maintenance. That is where faux wood shutters come into play. Faux wood shutters are more durable, more affordable, and are manufactured to look just like natural wood. To learn more benefits offered by faux wood shutters, click here.

Faux wood shutters offer countless benefits over traditional wood shutters, many of which can help you save time and money at the end of the day. Installing shutters to the exterior of your home is an easy and cost-effective way to boost the appearance and curb appeal of your home, especially when you opt for faux wood shutters. With the benefits they offer, you simply can’t go wrong installing faux wood shutters next to the windows on your home’s exterior. 

Purchase Quality Faux Wood Shutters From Volterra Architectural Products

If we’ve sparked your interest in faux wood shutters, we encourage you to check out our high-quality, USA-made selection here at Volterra Architectural Products. Our faux wood shutters are manufactured using HDF material and undergo a unique process so that they look exactly like real wood shutters. To browse the different styles and types of faux wood shutters we offer, check out our collection today.


Decorative Shutter Design Ideas

Rustic shuttersFor most people, window shutters are more of a design feature than a functional addition to a house. They can seriously transform the look of your home’s exterior, and they offer a space for you to add some creative touches of your own. Shutters can also be used for a range of interior design projects if you want to exercise your artsy side.

Barn Style Shutters vs Slatted Shutters

On the exterior of your home, you can choose from several different shutter styles. Barn style shutters tend to look simpler with a few vertical boards and a couple of horizontal braces. They look simple and rustic, and usually they are made of dark colored woods that age to look rustic. On the other hand, modern slatted shutters are a bit more complex in nature. They look best if they are painted a bold color that matches your trim and stands out from the exterior wall color. However, they can be difficult to paint because of the slats.

As Backdrops for Art

If you are looking for a backdrop to make your artwork or photos stand out on your wall, shutters offer an interesting option. They have a lot of texture, and they are the perfect size for you to secure a few picture frames on top of them. They also have plenty of spaces for you to hang things from with ease. Some people use shutters to make signs for their home, displaying their last name or simple words like “Love”. Shutters have come a long way since their introduction as a functional and protective part of our homes. Now we see shutters installed as a purely decorative element that adds to the interiors and exteriors of our homes in unique ways. If you are in search of beautiful decorative shutters to add to your home, visit Volterra Architectural Products today.]]>

Are Your Home Shutters Helping Your Curb Appeal?

Size and Shape When choosing home shutters, first make sure that they are the right size and shape to match up with your windows. Shutters come in many stylish designs, with curved tops and unique design elements. However, when placed on rectangular windows, these home shutters look very out of place. A similar visual effect happens when shutters are shorter than windows and do not cover their entire surface. Home buyers will instantly notice when home shutters do not match windows, and this will detract from your home’s curb appeal.


Choosing the perfect paint and finish are also important considerations for your home shutters. Most often, shutters are painted to match the trim around the your home. However, if you have vinyl siding or other synthetic materials for your trim, it can be difficult to find a color match on wood shutters. Mismatched shades can look odd, especially in sunlight, and this can hurt your home’s curb appeal.


Shutters only add to the curb appeal of a home if they look natural. When shutters are  nailed outside a window and onto the sides of a home, they look like cheap replicas instead of an authentic part of a cohesive exterior aesthetic. This is also true for shutters that are mounted backward, upside down, or with large gaps between them. To get the most curb appeal out of your home shutters, make sure that they are mounted properly: just slightly overlapping the edge of the windows, not flat against the surface of the wall. Perfect mounting not only adds dimension and depth, but also makes your home shutters look natural. If you need help finding your ideal home shutters, contact Volterra Architectural Products. We have a wide range of beautiful shutters to amplify the curb appeal of any home, and we can install them for a picture perfect finish.]]>

All About Shutters

aesthetically pleasing, but the sturdiness and easy upkeep of faux wood shutters make them a cost effective investment that will last for years to come, while continuing to add to your home’s value. Volterra has three styles of decorative shutters made of high density polyurethane foam (HDF) that are sure to fit any style or type of window. Sizes are available to fit most any window measurement.

To learn more about the different styles of shutters available for your home or for other interior design ideas, peruse Volterra Architectural Products website or call us at 602-278-7373.]]>

Increase the Value of Your Home with Exterior Faux Shutters

exterior faux shutters around your windows. Exterior shutters are a simple way to add visual appeal to your home’s façade. Volterra Architectural Products, LLC, offers exterior faux shutters in a myriad of styles and materials. Whether you’re seeking a rustic look with wood, or a more simplistic look with panel shutters, our selection is sure to offer something for every home. We invite you to explore our full selection of louvered, panel, and wood plank exterior faux shutters on our website. For more information, or to place an order, call (602)258-7373, or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to lend a helping hand, no matter the size or scope of your home improvement project.]]>

Use Plank Shutters to Create a Traditional Look For Your Home

plank shutters to both sides of each front-facing window. Plank shutters, sometimes called board-and-batten shutters, can be traced back a long time to the original French country farmhouses and can still be found today on traditional barns and homesteads in America’s heartland. Plank shutters, with their Shaker-like simplicity, are becoming reborn in new house construction, making them feel more like, ‘home’ for those who crave authenticity. Plank shutters are constructed with a series of two, three, or four side-by-side vertical plank boards with either two or three horizontal batten boards affixed on top of them; one across the top and one across the bottom. Some styles of plank shutters include a third batten going horizontally across the middle or connecting the top and bottom battens on a diagonal, forming a “Z”. They can even be designed with a fourth batten to form an “X” in the middle of the shutter, to look like a classic barn door. These types of shutters can be designed in different ways; vertical boards can be spaced apart or closed with no spaces between them. Another feature seen in plank shutter design the incorporation of a decorative cutout in the centerboard. Some of the more popular ones are the fleur-de-lis, heart, flower, or half-moon. Volterra Architectural Products offers faux wood shutters in various widths and lengths to suit your window needs, in two, three, or four plank square style or two, three, or four plank elliptical style, which has an eyebrow arch shape at the top instead of a straight line across. To learn more about Volterra’s plank shutters, contact Volterra at 602.258.7373.]]>

Choosing Decorative Shutters for your Home

louvered shutters, with their flat, angled, open slats, allowed for ventilation, helping air and light to pass through to the inside of a home. Louvered shutters could be closed over an open window, allowing for privacy while still letting in the breeze on a warm day. Windows have come a long way since the advent of window screens, shades and blinds, making the function of most shutters obsolete. Instead, today, exterior flat or louvered shutters are placed adjacent to exterior windows as aesthetic accents that help buildings maintain a beautiful, old architectural tradition. Adding exterior shutters is one of the few improvements that can be made to the front of a house with little expense and zero invasive construction. Volterra has a large selection of faux wood plank, panel and louvered shutters that instantly add a boost of curb appeal to any home. Faux wood products from Volterra have none of the disadvantages of real wood. Made from High Density Foam (HDF), Volterra’s shutters are resistant to swelling, cracking, warping, splitting and rotting. They look just as nice as real wood but weigh a lot less, making them much easier to install. For more information about plank, panel and louvered shutters available from Volterra Architectural Products, call 602.258.7373.]]>