Turn Your Guest Bedroom Into a Beautiful Escape

A guest bedroom is the perfect place to try your hand at some creative DIY projects and decor themes that you like. There are many ways that you can turn your guest bedroom into a beautiful retreat that will impress your guests. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get started and plan your room. With Volterra, you can transform your room in no time, and ensure that your guests have a cozy place to retreat to after a long day. 


Add a Wood Plank Surround


Wood planks, sometimes called “shiplap” or “T and G”, make a beautiful backdrop or replacement for a headboard. They are easy to install and they come in a wide range of colors and textures. You can even mix and match the colors to give them a weathered look. This is perfect if you want a rustic look, or if you want the more modern look of reclaimed wood without all the trouble of sourcing the materials and refinishing them on your own. If you already have a headboard, you can use the planks on either side to create a surround that will frame the bed perfectly. 


Create Your Own Entertainment Center


Entertainment centers are bulky and expensive, but you can create the same look with faux wood beams. Choose a wall where you want your TV to go. Then, add a faux wood mantle with hidden or exposed brackets. You can put artwork or flowers on the mantle, or you can leave the space open to hold a TV. If you’re comfortable with tools, you can also mount your TV directly on the wall above the mantle, giving it a recessed look that is sleek and clean. Use panel moulding or small sections of trim to frame out the area around your TV and beneath your mantle. You can make it look like a traditional fireplace, or you can think outside the box and create any design you like. Add contrasting colors or patterned wallpaper to the mix to really make it pop.


Faux wood beams and wood planks are a great way to transform any room. They are easy to work with and they are extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about them getting dinged up. To see more ideas for your guest bedroom, visit Volterra online and check out our complete gallery. We have tons of wood products that are ideal for DIY projects and creating your own unique guest room.


Achieving Southwest Style Ceilings

southwest style

Throughout the Southwest there are many traditional styles of homes. While there are fewer and fewer houses boasting the classic adobe look, modern homes have borrowed a few architectural elements from the Southwest style. For instance, viga beams, which were a staple of Southwestern homes, have found their way into modern ceiling designs to great affect. If this is the style you’re after, here’s how it can be accomplished using today’s faux wood beam products.


What Are Viga Beams?


Viga beams are large structural beams that were commonly seen in adobe houses and other Southwestern homes. These beams were typically made of rough hewn logs, and retained much of their natural character. Today, many builders still go for this rustic look, but modern builders sometimes use squared beams instead. Unlike European inspired ceiling beams, another feature of Viga beams is that they often run around the room in concentric circles working out toward the edge of the room or in the same direction as the ceiling’s longest stretch.


Ceiling Planks


In addition to Viga beams, many Southwest style homes also feature ceiling planks. These flat planks slide together to create a beautifully textured ceiling finish. In some cases, the ceiling is covered by these planks first, and then the viga beams are installed beneath them, adding multiple dimensions to the look. The best way to do this is to install the beams perpendicular to the direction that the planks run, which will draw the eye upward. In addition, using larger beams over the planks creates a more pronounced look, and you can even choose a darker color for the beams to accent the light colored planks.


Outdoor Accents


Another staple of Southwest style architecture is the protrusion of beams on the exterior of the house. You can add these accents to the outside of your home along the roofline use faux wood accents. These small sections are designed to mount easily to the exterior surface of your home and match your trim. These can be installed even if the interior of your home does not have matching beams. You can also find matching shutters and vents that look great with these exterior posts and dress up your windows and any high points on your roof. There are many distinct facets of Southwest style architecture, and with faux wood beams you can mix and match them to find a look that suits your home. To learn more about faux wood products and Southwest style accents, visit Volterra online and check out our gallery.


Incorporating Mediterranean Design in Any Home

mediterranean designMediterranean design is popular throughout the world, but too often we feel like we can’t pull it off in our own homes because of its complexity. The truth is that the Mediterranean region is quite large and encompasses a wide range of lifestyles. As such, there are many ways to incorporate the concepts of Mediterranean design in your home without having to go way overboard.

Aquatic Colors

One of the major staples of Mediterranean design is rich aquatic color schemes that feature blues, greens and purples. These are also accented by bold gold and some deep browns and light beiges. An easy way to do this in your home is to pick an accent wall and splash it with bold color, while leaving your trim a natural wood color that will tie the whole room together.

Complex Textures

The Mediterranean is home to some of the world’s most extravagant construction featuring natural materials. Much of Mediterranean design features rough cut stones and naturally textured woods. With faux wood beams, you can mimic the look of these beautiful elements easily. There are also a number of faux stone options that can give you the perfect hue for your room. Texture can also be added to your home with unique plaster finishes that infuse your home with traditional-looking natural warmth. Browse our Italian Lime plaster gallery to get some ideas. As you can see, Mediterranean design is all about creating a space that takes advantage of the seaside appeal of the region. You can replicate this by bringing in bold colors mixed with strong natural elements. Volterra has a wide selection of faux wood and stone products to help you recreate the rooms in the magazines.]]>

Fresh New Ceiling Design Ideas

ceiling design ideasOne of the biggest trends in interior design these days is using faux wood beams and trim to create patterns on an otherwise bland ceiling. Most often, this is done with straight beams, or in a crosshatch pattern. But if you’re looking for something really flashy, here are a few new design ideas.

Geometric Shapes

Instead of using perfectly symmetric boxes on your ceiling, consider changing things up with geometric shapes. You can do this by creating individual boxes of varying sizes, along with rectangles, triangles and even open ended Ls. Then, you can secure these shapes to the ceiling by rotating them at different angles to create a pattern that is unique to you. Alternatively, you can start with one central shape, and attach your geometric designs in an outward pattern to form a snowflake.


If you are not sure that the texture of beams and geometric shapes is right for you, consider using faux wood planks for your ceiling design instead. However, instead of running your planks in long straight lines, cut the ends at opposing 45° angles so you can generate a herringbone pattern across the links of your entire ceiling. This will add dimension while keeping the installation simple and straightforward. These are just a few ways that you can change up the ceiling designs that are already becoming popular, and add something fresh to your room. To learn more about these products, contact Volterra Architectural Products online. ]]>

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Dream House

When you set out to design your dream house, you want to be sure that you get every detail right. There is no point in designing a dream house if you stop short of the finishing touches. That is where Volterra comes in.

Start With the Trim

While it may not be as exciting as picking out new countertops, the hardwood or MDF trim that you decide to use around your baseboards and for crown molding is just as important. Choosing a flat, plain design can give your room a modern look, while choosing a more detailed and layered trim can speak to your classical tastes.

Don’t Neglect Your Walls and Ceilings

Another aspect of your dream home design should be your wall decor and your ceilings. With faux wood planks and beams, you can make any room look like a rustic cabin, a high-end dining room, or an artistic focal point in your house. It is best if you make these decisions early on in your design process so that any beams, trusses, or corbels can be customized to suit your vision. For help with finishing your dream house design, contact Volterra architectural products today. Our team can help you select from a wide range of trim and accent options that will bring your final dream home design to life.]]>

Creating a Vintage Interior Design Aesthetic in Your Home

It is commonly known that something that was once popular will always come back around. True, some design aesthetics should stay in the past, but bringing a vintage look to your home can be a great way to make it stand out from the rest. Here are a few interior products that can give your home a timeless, classic design aesthetic.

Faux Wood

Adding faux wood products to your home can be a major way to give it a vintage look. Wood can be added in minimal or maximalist ways to your home, through simple wooden shutters or a large faux wood truss system that adds depth and structure to an overall space. If the faux wood can be made to look rustic or faded, this can give your home even more of a vintage look.

Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles were all the rage in interior design during the early 1900’s before wartime shortages and the Great Depression demanded their use for more pressing needs. Bring life into a commonly neglected design aspect of your home –the ceiling– with the vintage look of decorative ceiling tiles.

Decorative Plasters, Stuccos and Stone

Adding an alternative finish, such as Italian lime plaster or Variance acrylic plaster, can texturize your walls in a way that sets them apart from modern plaster and stucco finishes. Adding Volterra stone products is another way to add a vintage ambiance without the dedication that entire wall finishes require. For help achieving a vintage design look in your home, contact Volterra or peruse our product offering online.]]>

Entryway Decor Using a Statement Wall

entryway decorChoosing the right entryway decor is a great way to make a good first impression on guests, while also telling them a little bit about yourself. At the same time, you have to be careful not to overdo your entryway decor, because the space can quickly become cramped and unwelcoming. We’re here to give you a few tips to get you started.

Choose a Statement Wall

Most of the time, your front door opens upon a small landing where people enter, shed their shoes and coats, and pause before moving on to the rest of your home. There is usually a wall or partial wall that separates this space from the main body of your house, along with different flooring. Whichever wall you’re facing when you walk in is the wall you want to turn into your statement wall.

Choose a Backdrop

Statement walls can work in a few different ways. One way to make the wall stand out is by using a different material aside from paint. For instance, using faux wood planks to create a reclaimed wood look is a perfect way to make your statement wall pop without too much work. Otherwise, you may want to use some panel moulding to frame out your statement wall and add a punch of color here or there.

Add Your Personal Touch

Once the backdrop is complete, now you have to choose some artwork or family photos to hang on your statement wall. If you used panel moulding, you have already created spaces to hang your photos, but if you used a wood plank wall, you will probably want to offset your photos by lining them up with different layers of planks for a more variegated look.

Choose a Furniture Piece

Finally, the last thing you need is a small shoe rack or desk that will fit against the wall and complete the look. Place a vase of flowers on top or some small statuary and you’ll have the ideal entryway. For more information about how to build a statement wall using wood planks or panel moulding, visit Volterra today. We can help you select the right products for your next project.]]>

Turning Your Master Bedroom into the Perfect Retreat

master bedroomYour master bedroom should be a special place. It should stand out from all the other bedrooms in your home, and really speak to your personal tastes. Many people want their master bedroom to act as a personalized retreat from the daily grind and the messiness that exists in the rest of their house. Now’s your chance to turn your master bedroom into just the right kind of retreat for you.

Add Ceiling Accents

Don’t settle for plain ceilings in your private space. Instead, go for something a bit more rustic by adding an accent to your ceiling with faux wood planks. These planks can be easily installed to create a textured ceiling with lots of character. Planked ceilings are unique and really make a room pop.

Raise the Roof

Not literally, but creatively. By adding ceiling beams made of faux wood, you can create a ceiling that has multiple layers, giving it a heightened appearance that makes your room look larger than life. If you aren’t ready to take on a major project like ceiling beams, you can use some beautiful crown moulding around your room to achieve a similar effect.

Accent Moulding

Do you want to give the impression of more space within your bedroom? One easy way to do so is to draw the eye upwards using accent moulding. Bedrooms often have creative, organic lines that may defy straight lines. Have no fear–Volterra’s flexible moulding makes it easy, even around curves. Volterra has everything you need to turn your bland master bedroom into a retreat that your friends and family will really envy. Visit our gallery online for more ideas about how to update your room today.]]>

Why Choose Faux Wood for Your Interior Architectural Elements?

faux wood beamsFaux wood is now widely available for a number of interior design projects in any home or commercial building. However, you may be wondering what benefits faux wood has to offer when compared to natural wood materials. Here are a few of the biggest highlights that you can expect to see.

Improved Durability

Faux wood architectural elements are made using a high density foam material. This material is lightweight while still offering superior durability against scratching, breaking, and more. In addition, it is not subject to warping or rotting when exposed to moisture or temperature variations. This makes it suitable for any room in the house.

Easier Installation

Thanks to the lightweight nature of faux wood and the unique molds used, it is significantly easier to install faux wood elements such as ceiling beams and trusses. These faux wood additions are also easier to cut and fit into place without the need for specialty tools, but they still look like the real deal.

Low Maintenance

Finally, while real wood accents look great at first, they do have a tendency to fade and change over time. They often require sanding, staining, or repainting to keep them in good shape. By contrast, faux wood beams have a unique baked-on finish that will keep them looking new with almost no maintenance. If you are ready to dress up your room, now is the time to check out all new faux wood accents designed for interior architectural design. Visit Volterra online today to get an idea of all the ways you can use faux wood inside your home or building.]]>

Eye-Catching Ceiling Design Ideas

Beams One of the most popular ceiling design ideas is adding beams to transform a flat ceiling into a dynamic three-dimensional element. Adding faux wood beams can mimic the look of exposed beams and transform a basic room into a unique architectural space. 


Planks add visual interest to ceiling design ideas without making your space feel too cluttered, and they come in a range of colors and textures that suit any aesthetic. One recent popular trend is shiplap effects. Normally found on exteriors of buildings such as barns and sheds, when used in interior spaces, these planks create a cozy, rustic feel. 


Truss systems are one of the most striking ceiling design ideas, especially in large spaces with high ceilings. These multi-beam frameworks fill the empty space beneath your ceiling with intriguing angular elements, and emphasize the size of your room by drawing the eye upward.  These ceiling design ideas are just a few starting points to spark ideas for exciting updates to your interiors. Volterra Architectural Products offers a wide range of faux wood products that make it easy to explore and execute new ceiling design ideas. Check out their gallery to explore your options or give them a call at 602-253-7373.]]>